World Zombie Day 2017

World Zombie Day 2017

World Zombie Day is an international annual event that grew from Pittsburgh’s first Zombie Walk at Monroeville Mall in 2006 — the setting for “Dawn of the Dead.”

Now, more than 50 cities participate in the event. The annual undead parade, a constant contender for the title of largest zombie crawl in the world, draws thousands of blood-splattered “walking dead” and is expected to host even more onlookers and zombie bait than past parades.

Thousands of people around the world donned zombie costumes Saturday to mark World Zombie Day, a fundraiser to combat hunger that was filled with fake blood and braaaaiiiins.

Founded in 2006 in Pittsburgh, where Dawn of the Dead was filmed, the event now attracts aficianados from around the globe, including London and Paris. They’re asked to donate nonperishable food for local food banks before they participate.

Organizers say Pittsburgh’s Zombie Walk has established three world records for numbers of participants through the years, though it’s tough to find official numbers. The zombies are discouraged from touching anyone as they shamble around and to avoid smearing fake blood on walls, signs or buildings.

“Please, keep your blood to yourself,” the participant handbook asks.

These days, Guinness World Records lists an Oct. 11, 2014, Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis as the largest gathering of zombies. The number? 15,458.

Mary Greeley News