Irma Leaves Beach with No Water

Irma Leaves Beach with No Water

While surveying the damage from Hurricane Irma, some residents in the Bahamas were stunned to see that the monstrous storm had left their nearby beach without any ocean water!

An incredible video of the storm’s unique impact was posted to Twitter by user ‘Kaydi_K,’ who marveled “I am in disbelief right now. This is Long Island, Bahamas and the ocean water is missing!”

Her amazing footage shows dry land as far as the eye can see where ocean water once covered the area.

Meteorologists say that the bizarre effect was caused by the enormous hurricane pulling parts of the ocean up into the storm as well as winds sweeping any remaining water out to sea, leaving only dry land behind.

Fortunately, the dystopian scene should not last too long as scientists expect that the beach will slowly regain its water over the next few days.

Mary Greeley News