Ghost Filmed Fleeing From Flood?

Ghost Filmed Fleeing From Flood?

An odd video of a raging flood flowing through the streets of a Colombian city may show some kind of spirit ‘escaping’ from the chaos.


Filmed in the city of Barranquilla, the remarkable footage is already breathtaking thanks to the sheer enormity of the disaster unfolding.

However as the camera pans across the road, an eerie white anomaly appears to dash out of the water and onto the nearby sidewalk.

As one might expect, many have suggested that the oddity is a ghost, perhaps of someone killed in the devastating flood which killed 94 people, or even an angel.

Skeptics argue that the ‘apparition’ is something prosaic like a reflection or water hitting the camera.

And even open-minded observers are left largely stumped simply due to the poor quality of the video and the incredibly brief appearance of the anomaly.

Mary Greeley News