Former police officer arrested for series of local armed robberies

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKRC) – An Anderson Township man, arrested for a string of robberies, is a former police officer.

Former police officer arrested for series of local armed robberies

Jacob Goodwin, 30, answered to four counts of aggravated robbery in court on April 21. A fifth count is expected.

Goodwin is accused of holding up five businesses over the last month. A gun was displayed or implied at each robbery. That includes the UDF on Beechmont Avenue and the Speedway on Batavia Pike. Both were held up about an hour apart.

3/22/17 at approx. 8:10 A.M., United Dairy Farmers located at 7601 Beechmont Avenue in the City of Cincinnati (District 2)

3/22/17 at approx. 9:30 A.M., Speedway located at 5030 Batavia Pike in Anderson Township (HCSO District 5)

3/30/17 at approx. 11:45 A.M., CVS Pharmacy located at 3086 Madison Avenue in the City of Cincinnati (District 2)

4/8/17 at approx. 3:00 A.M., Pearls Diner located at 3520 Eastern Avenue in the City of Cincinnati (District 2)

4/15/17 at approx. 2:08 A.M., Speedway located at 2713 Williams Avenue in the City of Norwood

Investigators say they uncovered evidence of all five from a home in Anderson Township on Thursday, as well as his pickup truck.

Goodwin pleaded not guilty to the charges during his arraignment. His attorney asked for a bond of $25,000 on each of the four charges, for a total of $100,000 bond.

Two Hamilton County detectives spoke at Goodwin’s arraignment. They asked that the bond be set higher. They voiced concerns that Goodwin’s police training could impede their investigation, which includes more robberies. They also said they were worried about what they called a “large assortment of police equipment” that included ballistic vests. They called him a serious threat to the safety of others.

The judge set bond at a total of $400,000 for Goodwin.

Goodwin spent a year as a police officer in Newtown and also served a year as an officer in Aberdeen.

Newtown Police Chief Tom Synan said his officers recognized Goodwin’s pickup truck from surveillance photos and told detectives investigating the robberies.

Chief Synan said Goodwin was a part-time officer from February 23, 2010 until March 3, 2011. During that time, Chief Synan said Goodwin racked up several disciplinary actions. On March 3, he was told the department was preparing to fire him. That’s when Chief Synan said Goodwin resigned.

Chief Synan said in a press release, “Newtown Police Officers responded to one of the robberies where Jacob Goodwin allegedly placed innocent and police officers, including those he used to work with lives in danger. Our responsibility is to uphold a standard of service and protect the public from harm which we did when he was released from the Newtown Police Department and now 6 years later. It was Newtown Officers that turned him in showing that our bond to those we serve goes beyond those who discredit our profession.”

Goodwin also worked as an officer in in Aberdeen in 2012.

He’ll appear in court Friday morning.

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