Odd ‘UFO’ Spotted on ISS Live Feed. Video from feed

Anomaly watchers are touting the latest oddity spotted on the ISS live feed: a cylindrical object seemingly observing the space station.

Odd 'UFO' Spotted on ISS Live Feed

An intriguing video of the event shows the ‘UFO’ emerge from far away in the distance and head towards the ISS.

As the object approaches, it grows increasingly larger until its distinct shape can be seen before it slowly floats away from the scene.

Unlike similar incidents, this particular sighting did not cause the live feed to suddenly cease, suggesting that it either did not concern the ‘powers that be’ charged with covering up the UFO reality or perhaps someone was asleep at the switch at the time.

Skeptics and NASA, of course, contend that the myriad of ISS ‘UFO’ encounters which have been noticed by researchers over the years are simply space debris or ice and not alien spacecraft.

Nonetheless, despite numerous attempts by the space agency to ‘set the record straight,’ UFO enthusiasts insist that such prosaic explanations are merely misinformation designed to fool the public.

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