Virtual offices take on Manhattan addresses without expensive rent

New York City is home to some of the most coveted real estate on the planet, but these prestigious properties can come at a serious cost.

Virtual offices take on Manhattan addresses without expensive rent

Shared office space provides one option for businesses looking to cut down on rent, but some companies are moving to cyber spaces to keep their Manhattan addresses without paying Manhattan prices.

David Camacho is a lawyer living in Middletown New York, about a two-hour drive from Manhattan.

He works mainly from home, but as a user of a virtual office service, the address listed on his website is right in the heart of midtown.

“Meetings that we were having in our office in New York city were on Skype or on the internet and a large percentage of communications were on email and after a while my business partner and I decided that we could actually work from home and be as effective,” Camacho said.

Brand consultancy firm Landor believes that having an attractive address in New York can still be a huge bonus in the business world.

And these virtual office providers do not feel their services are deceptive.

Work Better, which rents out virtual office space to Camacho’s law firm, said sought-after locations should not be used as an indication of a company’s size or the quality of its services.

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