China Comments On Korean Peninsula by North Korea and Trade

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it was seriously concerned by recent comments made by North Korean officials warning of further missile tests and the possibility of nuclear war.

China opposes to any words or actions that could further raise tensions in Korean Peninsula by North Korea

Addressing a regular press briefing, ministry spokesman Lu Kang added that China was resolutely opposed to any words or actions that could further raise tensions.

When asked about the Chinese trucks in the DPRK’s military parade,:

Is the Chinese government worried that there could be dual-use technology which is being exported from China? The Chinese company might think it is for civilian use and yet is used for another. What is your comment?

A: As I said, China, as a member of the UN, has been strictly fulfilling its international obligations, including those from the UN Security Council resolutions. Meanwhile, we maintain normal economic and trade contacts with other countries, including the DPRK.

As for the issue of dual-use items, first, the Security Council resolutions have clear stipulations on what dual-use items are under control and what are embargoed. As long as they are embargoed by the UN security Council resolutions, China observes relevant provisions strictly. As for China’s export control policies, with our non-proliferation export control policies getting full-fledged, we now have a list-based policy regime, on which you can rest assured.

When asked about trade:

Regarding the investment environment, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the actual investment from the US to China last year registered a 52.6% year-on-year increase.

As a developing country, China has achieved remarkable progress in the speed and scale of opening up its market.

China, already one of the developing economies with the greatest level of openness, remains committed to further opening up. We welcome foreign investment and will continue to offer more investment opportunities for foreign-invested enterprises.

The Notice on Several Measures on Increasing of Openness to Foreign Investment and Active Use of Foreign Investment published by the State Council of China on January 17 of this year, in case you missed it, also testifies to China’s determination and sincerity when it comes to further increasing openness, creating a fair and level playing field, and improving its traction for foreign investment.

Meanwhile, we hope that other countries could open their doors for the Chinese investors as well so that investment and trade cooperation can develop soundly in an environment featuring greater fairness, transparency and openness.

Mary Greeley News